Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements

On a local and national scale, Lair has built a reputation for being able to explore difficult subjects with tremendous honesty, poise and humor. Through his writing, teaching, interviews and public speaking engagements, he has reached thousands on topics such as mindfulness, racism, relationships, sexuality and personal growth. With an ability to both deliver poignant, factual information and tell a compelling story, Lair connects on a personal level to both reader and audience member alike, leaving them with practical tools and calls to action. His intention is to inspire awareness, growth and change.

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Relationships & You

Our relationship with our family, friends and even work can be the key to our happiness, or the burden we bare day in and day out.

Lair speaks on a variety of “relationship” topics, not just between you and your significant other but with everyone in your life. This is because all of your relationships bring out the best in you, or the worst.

Lair can speak to your group for a single 1 hour session or over the course of 3 to 5 weeks to provide a more in-depth program. Topics include; marital, extended family, friends, work, and more.

Lair teaches mindfulness, understanding, listening skills and more. With these new skills and tools you will learn how to communicate better in your relationships, avoid conflict naturally and enjoy the time with those in your life in new and exciting ways.

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Corporate Speaker

Business speaking is more than just motivating the crew or staff, it is about engaging them through a positive relationship that motivates them naturally.

While Lair can give general motivational corporate or business talks or speeches, his real goal is to help employees have a better relationship with their business overall. When people feel they work “with” you rather than “for” you; they generally are much happier and work at a much higher level.

Lair offers 3 to 5 week courses for any type of business from small to large. Speaking engagements can be in person or online via Zoom or Google Meet.

So, if you are looking to have happier workers, have a better relationship with them and watch their attitude improve and their performance soar!

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Diversity & Inclusion

America is most diverse country in the world but not always the most inclusive, you can change that by being more inclusive yourself!

Lair not only speaks on diversity and inclusion with businesses and colleges but can be a keynote speaker at your next event or group meeting online. Lair teaches diversity and inclusion through the improvement of our relationship with people overall. You will learn to be more accepting of cultural differences and less critical of them.

Lair can provide 1 hour talks or even present over 3 to 5 sessions to really dive deep into each topic. Talks can be in person or online via Zoon or Google Meet.

Learning to get along with more people can only enrich and enhance your life and Lair can give you the tools to do so.

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Keynote Speaker

From leadership talks for your conference or event to motivational courses for your group or team, Lair can craft the perfect speech just for you!

Lair Torrent is a leading Keynote Speaker that has a unique style that not only resonates with the audience but provides them with new tools and skills that help them change many areas of their lives.

Lair can provide 1 to 2 hour talks to your event, conference, team meeting, school or college and even just a group of like minded people looking to improve their relationship with those in their lives as well as themselves.

Talks can be in person or virtual via Zoom or Google Meet. Inquiry for more details.

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