The Practice of Love


The Practice of Love

At its core, this book delivers an inconvenient truth. Our relationships have to be a daily practice if we want them to thrive. We should treat them like we treat anything that we want to succeed, by giving them time and attention. For far too long it has been assumed that we should innately understand how to love one another. Relationships have fallen into the category of things we should know how to do. But we are not born knowing how to make a relationship work, any more than we are born knowing how to file taxes or buy insurance, and there are no classes in high school or college that teach us how to do this. The Practice of Love is that class.

In his work, Lair Torrent, a licensed marriage and family therapist, brings together concepts and tools that can actually help couples heal for the long haul. Diving beneath the symptoms most therapies focus on, he helps couples develop a deeper understanding of the wounds that brought them together and how they show up in their relationships. The 5 Practices gives the reader an opportunity to weed out and take responsibility for limiting or negative habits while allowing them to learn and adopt new and healthier practices with their partner. These are not short-term solutions, but rather a path to profound healing, deeper connection, and stronger, happier relationships.



Lair Torrent has combined all his knowledge and experience into a book. The book can help anyone who wants to do it on their own and from their preferred safe environment. In The Practice of Love Lair tries to cover all the basis for relationship trouble, based on his experienced and past clients he has dealt with issues such as :

  • Relationship issues/Couples counseling

  • Loneliness/Desire to be in a relationship

  • Life Transitions

  • Premarital Counseling

  • Anxiety and Depression

  • Co-Dependence

  • Trauma

  • Stuck in unsatisfying relationships

  • Self Esteem


Most Common Questions About Relationships

Yes, every relationship will encounter bumps down the road. You are two different people, you are bound to disagree at times. Using Lair’s help you can utilize the tools from the book to be prepared for any kind of bump in the road.

It depends on the couple, how much effort they are putting into each other. Support and honesty go a long way in a relationship. While the answer is yes it can, it will come down to the couple and how they choose to handle problems they encounter.

Yes to maintain a good healthy relationship compromise has to be met.